A historiografia portuguesa em tempos de “política do espírito”

A historiografia portuguesa em tempos de “política do espírito”: o caso da revista Brasília, do Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros da Universidade de Coimbra (1942-1949)

Marcello Felisberto Morais de Assunção



We intend in this study scrutinize the relations between the Portuguese historiography and the institutional practices of the Salazar’s “Policy of the Spirit”, and the Brasilia Magazine, in the years 1942-1949, as an exemplary case of these relations. Then we direct the focus to the historical production of Brasilia magazine in order to highlight the relations between these productions and the defense discourse of the unity of history between Brazil and Portugal. So, will highlight how this supposed unity is created from a “Christian” and “human” image of Portuguese colonization process in Brazil, making clear the link of this historiography with a authoritarian, imperialist and ethnocentric world vision.



Historiography; Policy of the spirits; Salazarism; Ethnocentrism.



< Práticas da História, nº 2 (2016)