Provincializing for a Planetary Perspective

Bo Stråth



The article takes its point of departure from the dynamics between Enlightenment modernity as it unfolds from the perspective of Marx (History 1 in Provincializing Europe) and the corrective counter-narratives, in the form of a protest against the former, as in the view of Heidegger (History 2 in Provincializing Europe), the dynamics that provides the central argument in Provincializing Europe. On this basis, the present article explores how and why these dynamics were severed by a growing polarization between the globalization narrative, the new History 1 after 1990, and the new-old brutal ethnic nationalism emerging after the neoliberal collapse in 2008, the new History 2. The article ends by discussing the question of how the modernity-protest dynamics between History 1 and History 2 can be reformulated from a planetary perspective.


Enlightenment, modernity-protest, planetary perspective, ecology-economics.

Citation reference:

Bo Stråth. “Provincializing for a Planetary Perspective” Práticas da História, Journal on Theory, Historiography and Uses of the Past, n.º 11 (2020): 225-246.



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