El Holocausto, la postmodernidad y las ansiedades textuales

Aitor Bolaños de Miguel



In this article the author analyses “Postmodernism and Textual Anxieties”, a paper written by Hayden White, where the American historian leaves several clews for understanding his own historical and ethical thought. In particular, his distinction between fact and event, his theory of “modernist event”, his vision about postmodernity and textual anxieties and his analysis of the Holocaust.


Hayden White; Holocaust; Suffering; Event; Textualism.

Citation reference:

de Miguel, Aitor Bolaños. “El Holocausto, la postmodernidad y las ansiedades textuales:
una lectura de Hayden White.” Práticas da História, Journal on Theory, Historiography
and Uses of the Past, n.º 6 (2018): 115-125



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