Vicente de Almeida d’Eça e a historiografia marítima em 1898

Jaime Rodrigues



The article criticizes the military approach of Portuguese maritime historiography. This historiography was made mostly on the occasion of important anniversaries and the studies were written by Navy officials. The critique focuses mainly on a writing authored by Vicente de Almeida d’Eça (1852-1929), vice-admiral of the Portuguese Navy, and this article analyses the conceptions of History embedded in it. The text, entitled “The Portuguese sailor through History”, was presented as a conference to a popular audience at Lisbon in 1898. In that context, the Portuguese sailor resurfaced as a paradigmatic and timeless figure, being recognized by the same characteristics since the 16th century. The interest in revisiting this text is due to the fact that it enables an analysis of the protagonism of historical subjects, nationalism, the invention of traditions and Portuguese imperial perspectives in the late 19th century


Portuguese historiography, maritime historiography, maritime history.

Citation reference:

Jaime Rodrigues. “Vicente de Almeida d’Eça e a historiografia marítima em 1898.” Práticas da História, Journal on Theory, Historiography and Uses of the Past, n.º 8 (2019): 139-161.



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